Why Choose Gatorvapor?

Gatorvapor is the oldest E-Cigarette Dealer in Central Florida and we have Provided the best E-Cig models & E-liquids through our Brick & Mortar stores, as well as Worldwide through our Website for years. Gatorvapor, unlike all the new upstart companies, Has experienced the “bad” & “good” models from years of research & development in order to provide our customers with reliable models of E-Cigarettes that last for many, many months of use. Also, we are the 1st Company to produce American Made E-liquids, which are made right here in Central Florida.

Our Favorite Models of E-Cigs

Gatorvapor has Grown from the “what was standard 5 years ago” model 510 & 808 models, to the 650mAh & 1100mAH Ego’s that are the American Favorites today. We also carry the most popular “Mod” E-cigarettes, such as the Kmax, Vamo, K-100, Lava Tube, and we will carry any New Mod that is a Customer favorite. However, for those that still like the small favorites we still carry the Model 510 & 808 Kits, as well as the replacement cartridge & cartomizers for these models.

Tanks, Wicks, Wire, & DIY Accessories!

Gatorvapor carries the most popular CE4, CE5, and the Bottom Coil Tanks, Kanger Tanks, as well as the most popular rebuildables such as the Innokin 30S, IGO-L, & RSST atomizers & the Stainless Steel Mesh, Silica Wicks, & the best gauges of Kanthal Wire you need to rebuild your Tanks. We also carry Flat-Top & Nipple Efest Batteries in all the popular sizes to power your Mods. We also carry Round & portable charging stations, stands, cases, & Lanyards for your Ego & Mod E-Cigarettes.

Tobacco, Fruit, Cakes, & Signature E-Liquids!

When we say that we have “AMERICAN MADE” E-liquids, we know they are American Made because our Liquids are made right here in Central Florida by Gatorvapor. Unlike other companies that sell only Chinese Liquids, or buy Chinese Liquids and re-label the bottles with their name, Gatorvapor uses the best concentrates, mixes, Bottles, & labels our own flavors right here in Central Florida. We make over 75 quality flavors that we sell much cheaper than most other companies that sell liquids. Just $4.99 for a 10ML or $12.99 for a 30ML. We also sell 4oz Bottles in most flavors.