Gator Vapor Inc. & GatorVapor.Com is dedicated to the memory of our Mother, who passed away January 16, 2010, in Tampa, Florida. Mom suffered from COPD & Emphysema for the last two years of her life, and actually died from the COPD which led to Cardiac arrest from smoking tobacco cigarettes for over 50 years.

My Mom lived with us for the last year of her life. And my Family and I really got to see the “final” affects that smoking tobacco has on a person after 50 years. It isn’t a very pretty sight. From the Oxygen Machine 24 Hrs a day, to the Nebulizer, a breathing treatment which had to be given to her 4 times a day. To even the medicines that she had to take due to her inability to exercise. And, yes, we were able to see the dementia take hold because of lack of Oxygen to the Brain. In the end, when Mom was in the Rehab center after coming out of the hospital, my Sister & myself went to feed Mom every day because she could not initiate feeding herself. I never did fully understand all that was explained to me about the reasons why Mom couldn’t feed herself. But it didn’t matter, Mom was Mom and we loved her.

Mom died on January 16th. And we are just happy that she isn’t suffering anymore. You see, Mom suffered & died from smoking tobacco cigarettes. Who can you blame? The Cigarette Manufacturer that made them? Mom, who smoked them? Or, how about our Government, who made all that money off of taxes by allowing the Manufacturers to market a tobacco cigarette that the Government knew would eventually kill Mom, just as cigarettes cause the deaths of over 440,000 other American Citizens per year.

Why GatorVapor you ask? After watching my Mother suffer for so long I tried the e-cigarette and, after 44 years of smoking myself, I haven’t smoked a tobacco cigarette in over 5 years. I showed an E-Cig to Mom before she died. I told her it was the only thing that has worked for me. I established Gatorvapor just prior to Mom’s death. I just wish the e-cigarette had been invented long ago, in time to help our Mother. Bye Mom, you will live in our hearts forever. And we are dedicating this site to you so that maybe someone else will not have to have the heartbreak of losing their Mother from smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Wayne Spillers, Pres.
June 1, 2014