Why Choose Gatorvapor?

Gatorvapor is proud to sell the most popular E-Cigarettes in the USA today. We have the 190mAH Mega Battery 510 or the GV-280mAh 808D as our basic starter kits. The 190mAH 510 Battery last four hours instead of the traditional three hours of the standard 510 before needing a charge. And the 280mAH 808 will last 6-8 hours before needing a charge.

With either of these starter kits.you will have a much better experience of the deep inhaling pleasure that you enjoyed with tobacco cigarettes without the tar or carcinogens found in those products. We also offer the GV-180mAh & GV-280mAh 808D Series for those that simply want the Traditional Cigarette look. The GV-808D come with 2-180mAH or 2-280mAh Batteries and “refillable” Cartomizers that you can refill at any time with your favorite flavor.

For those that want even more power, we also offer the 650mAh Ego, the1100mAh Super Ego, and have now added the 1300mAh Mega Ego to our store. And these last for days without needing a charge! And we carry the latest accessories for all of these models.

Size does matter!

It’s a fact that smaller battery sizes do not last long, nor do they provide you with the deep inhaling pleasure or taste that you are looking for after replacing the tobacco cigarette with an E-Cigarette. While other companies may have great marketing campaigns, check out the size of their batteries before you choose.

The current leading company has just a 90mAh battery (a full 100mAh less than our 510 battery) that lasts about 45 minutes and cannot provide you with the full flavor or smoking experience that you want to enjoy! This is also true with the 808D series battery that you may have seen in a Mall selling for $200.00, or the knock-off 808D found in local Flea Markets. The cheap knock-off Flea Market 808 batteries are standard 140mAh 808 batteries that have “sealed” cartomizers that you can only buy from those companies and only have enough e-liquid to last one day.

So if you currently have a White Cloud or White Dragon Kit we now carry “refillable” Cartomizers for those E-cigarettes Brands too, and they are much cheaper than those “Non-refillable” Carts those companies sell and want you to throw away daily so that you have to go purchase more from them. Don’t be ripped-off. Buy a refillable Cartomizer that will fit your 808D and last for weeks instead of days.

Gatorvapor now has DIY

We now offer your Favorite Flavors in Concentrates that allow you to make your own E-liquids at the nicotine level you desire. We sell unflavored E-liquid at 60MG that you can mix with your favorite Flavor Concentrate using the best mixing calculator on the internet today, “E-Juice Me Up” You can use this Calculator to raise or lower the Nicotine level in your favorite Flavor E-liquid, or use it to calculate the PG or VG needed to make your flavor. And all our DIY Flavors are made in North America! We also have all the Do-it-Yourself Accessories. Just go to our website and find any mixing tool that you may need!

So be careful! Be sure to research the E-Cigarette and the companies of your choice before making a decision! Ask those companies what size batteries come with their E-Cigarettes. Also ask them if their cartridge or cartomizers are refillable. Remember, if the battery is too small you will not get the experience you are looking for in an E-Cigarette. And if you cannot refill your cartridge or cartomizer you are simply wasting money! After you do your research, we hope that you will choose Gatorvapor as we will not let you down.

Do you have questions? Call or E-mail us! We will always be available to answer your questions during business hours. Or contact Gatorvapor on Facebook! We will be happy to answer a Facebook questions at any time!